5 Best Red Motorcycle Helmets Under $400

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When it comes to helmets, some of us like the color to match our bikes. If you are by chance riding a red colored bike, say a Honda, you may be looking for a red motorcycle helmet to match your bike. What are some of the best red motorcycle helmets around?

The best 5 red motorcycle helmets under $400 are:

  • AGV K3 – Competition Red
  • Scorpion EXO-T520 Factor Helmet Red
  • HJC V10 Deep Red
  • Bell Bullitt Candy Red
  • Bell MX-9 Adventure Mips Dash Black/Red

Here, I recommend the best 5 red motorcycle helmets under $400 in this article. When selecting these helmets, I try to include different helmet types in mono or graphic design.

Top 5 Best Red Motorcycle Helmets Under $400

Helmet Features Shop
AGV K3 – Competition Red – Removable liners

– Quick-release visors

– Four adjustable vents



Scorpion EXO T520 Factor Red – Bluetooth ready

– AirFit inflation system

– Six intake, two exhaust vents



HJC V10 Deep Red – Fiberglass composite shell

– Quick drying liners

– DOT approved



Bell Bullitt Candy Red – Lightweight fiberglass shell

– Suede liners and cheek pads

– Five vents



Bell MX-9 Adventure Mips Dash – Polycarbonate shell

– MIPS protection system

– Removable face shield



1. AGV K3 – Competition Red

red motorcycle helmets- AGV K3

AGV K3 Competition Red: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

The AGV K3 may not be the exact helmet Rossi wears, but it is made in its spirit. You can consider it a more toned-down, budget-friendly version of the ultimate AGV helmet—the Pista GP RR.

The helmet’s features ensure both comfort and safety. The interior liners are comfortable and removable for cleaning. I also found them quick to absorb sweat. The visors include a special quick-release mechanism and are pin-lock-ready.

Four intake and exhaust vents keep your head cool. The vents are also movable, allowing you to open or close them.

I own an AGV Pista, and I have always loved how AGV curved the helmet base to suit my shoulder. Should a car crash happen, the contour reduces the likelihood of collarbone damage. You get these with the K3 as well.

In this solid red design, the AGV K3 looks menacing and downright aggressive. This red motorcycle helmet would pair well with a Honda CBR600RR or a Fireblade.

2. Scorpion EXO T520 Factor Helmet Red


red motorcycle helmets-scorpion_exo_t520_helmet_factor

Scorpion EXO T520: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

Established in 2002, Scorpion Sports is well-known for manufacturing motorcycle helmets with innovative features and designs. 

The EXO T520 helmet is a full face helmet,  great for both short-distance tours and commuting in the city. The reason? It is light and has a low profile. The helmet is also Bluetooth-ready and made to work with the brand-new EXO-COM Bluetooth kit.

To me, I like how aggressive this helmet looks. The aerodynamic form and the unique AirFit inflation system should work together to lower drag and lift, making it easy on your neck. 

The EXO-T520’s shell has homologated Advanced Polycarbonate shell and Multi-Density EPS. Combined, they give you the protection and energy displacement you need. 

The EXO-T520 also comes with 6 adjustable intake vents and 2 built-in rear exit vents for ventilation. These vents line up with the internal channels cut into the liners and paddings. They should keep your head cool and reduce sweat while you ride.

3. HJC V10 Deep Red

red motorcycle helmets-hjcv10HJC V10 Deep Red: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

I could not help but include this helmet in the list. With its deep glossy red color and minimal, slightly retro design, it may just be the red motorcycle helmet you are looking for.

The V10 Deep Red helmet is made by HJC, a Korean motorcycle helmet maker. Known for its ability to pack features into helmets while keeping the price affordable, it is a brand many riders appreciate. 

Starting from the outer, the HJC V10 is made of a fiberglass composite shell, which is an upgrade from regular polycarbonate plastic. The inside features high-quality EPS.

The helmet comes with an HJ-41 visor, which is pin-lock-ready. You can also choose the helmet in three sizes, helping you to achieve a better fit.

The insides come with quick-drying and moisture-wicking liners, keeping your head dry and cool. The liners and cheek pads are also removable and washable to keep things clean. 

The helmet is DOT-approved and ready for HJC Smart 10B or 20B Bluetooth headsets, which are sold separately.

4. Bell Bullitt Candy Red

red motorcycle helmets-bell_bullitt

Bell Bullitt Candy Red: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

Here’s one iconic full-face helmet for you, one of my favorite retro motorcycle helmets. To me, this Bell Bullitt in mono candy red is beautiful, and can do an excellent job turning heads while you ride down the street. 

The Bullitt may look retro, but it is one helmet Bell upgraded to keep up with modern motorcycling needs. It has a lightweight Fiberglass shell, which is more premium than regular polycarbonate plastic. 

In return, you get a helmet with additional rigidity and protection that is light and easy on your neck and shoulders. On the inside, premium materials like suede are used for the liners and cheek pads. The neck roll is made from full-grain leather, which provides excellent longevity and durability.

Look around the helmet; you should find five vents: four in the brows and one at the chin. The helmet has a Venturi exhaust vent at the rear for smooth airflow. 

5. Bell MX-9 Adventure Mips Dash Black/Red


red motorcycle helmets-bell_helmets_mx9_adv

Bell MX-9 Adventure: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

For the fifth helmet, I wanted to include a dual-sport helmet for adventure riders. With the cost in mind, I settled on the Bell MX-9 Adventure Mips Dash in a black and red color combination.

The MX-9 is basically Bell taking the ultra-successful Moto-9 dirt bike helmet and adding enhancements to make it an adventure helmet.

To me, it is a well-done job, with the helmet able to stand up well against competition within its price range. 

The MX-9 helmet has specs about the same as the Moto-9. It is also made with the same light polycarbonate shell and high-quality EPS as shock absorbers. 

Like the Moto-9, the MX-9 carries the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System). The MX-9, however, comes with a peak that you can adjust and remove easily. You don’t get this with the Moto-9.

The MX-9 also gets a removable face shield with an anti-fog coating to ensure clear visibility as you ride. The helmet is certified for ECE 22.06, which means it is safe for use in the European Union and should also be good enough for US roads.

Red Motorcycle Helmets Under $400 – Picked For You

Here are the 5 best red motorcycle helmets that I can recommend for you to consider. These helmets cover many budget ranges (all under $400) and cater to many helmet types. They are also certified safe and should provide you with fun and safe rides on the road.

If red helmets are a little too bright and aggressive for your liking, consider checking out some other color-based helmet reviews I made, too:

Michael’s Summary and Conclusion

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In 1985, he founded AGV Sports Group, Inc. with AGV Helmets in Valenza, Italy. For over 38 years now, the company has quietly delivered some of the best protective gear for motorcyclists in the world.

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