5 Best Motorcycle Helmets For Daily Commuters

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Riders may ride motorcycles to commute daily—it could be to save on fuel, beat the traffic, or simply enjoy the motorbike more. It makes sense to invest in a comfortable, good helmet to make commuting easier. What are the best motorcycle helmets for daily commuters?

The best motorcycle helmets for daily commuters are:

  • HJC RPHA 91 – Quiet rides
  • LS2 Horizon – Affordable beater
  • Nolan N100-5 – Wide-vision modular helmet
  • Shoei GT-Air 2 – Superb ventilation
  • AGV K1S – Wide-vision full-face helmet

In this post, let’s look at some of the best motorcycle helmets for daily commuters.

5 Best Motorcycle Helmets For Daily Commuters

Model Features Price Shop
HJC RPHA 91 Helmet
  • Quiet helmet
  • 5 intake and 7 exhaust vents
  • Large sun visor
$$$ RevZilla
LS2 Horizon
  • Modular design
  • Large sun visor
  • Affordable ‘banger’ helmet
$ RevZilla
Nolan N100-5
  • Modular design
  • Ultra wide face shield
  • Comfortable
$$ RevZilla
Shoei GT-Air 2
  • Ratchet chin strap
  • 3 intake and 6 exhaust vents
  • Lightweight
$$$$ RevZilla
  • Ultrawide face shield
  • Micro opening visor
  • 5 front and 2 exhaust vents
$$ RevZilla

1. HJC RPHA 91 Helmet – Quiet Rides

Motorcycle Helmets For Daily Commuters

HJC RPHA 91 Helmet: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

Different people may have different understandings of ‘comfort’ with helmets. If you seek a quiet ride, the HJC RPHA 91 helmet is the choice.

The reason? It is one of the quietest helmets I have ever worn, and tests have also confirmed this. 

The RPHA 91 is constructed with a Carbon-Aramid Hybrid and Natural Fiber blend. This unique use of material keeps the helmet strong and exceptionally lightweight. It also meets DOT standards for good safety.

Other key features include a Pinlock-ready HJ-37 face shield and an adjustable 3-step sunshield (HJ-V12). I find the shield and sun visor easy to deploy and retract, even with me wearing gloves. 

The RPHA 91 should also keep your head cool, as it comes with 5 intakes and 7 exhaust vents. The interior is lined with advanced antibacterial fabric that is also moisture-wicking and quick-drying.

I think the HJC RPHA 91 is an excellent choice for daily commuting and blending, offering comfort, safety, and convenience.

2. LS2 Horizon – Affordable Beater

Motorcycle Helmets For Daily Commuters - ls2 horizon

LS2 Horizon Helmet: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

Another way people may view a daily commuter helmet is as a beater. The helmet has to do a decent job, be cheap, and withstand daily riding abuse. I think the LS2 Horizon may be the best choice for that job.

The LS2 Horizon is a versatile, entry-level flip-up modular helmet. Priced affordably under $200, it offers pretty decent performance without compromising on quality. 

Since it’s quite cheap, you buy, use, abuse, and discard it once you have battered it within an inch of its life – a perfect beater.

The helmet may not be the lightest, but it is still a respectable 3 pounds 10 ounces. The helmet is certified by DOT and ECE 22.05 standards, meaning it passes US and EU safety standards. 

The helmet features some serious ventilation, and I can easily operate them with gloves on. I found the Class A polycarbonate face shield to offer me a clear vision and to be UV- and scratch-resistant.

The LS2 Horizon’s quick-release chin strap and drop-down sun visor also add to its convenience, making it an excellent choice for daily wear.

3. Nolan N100-5 – Wide Vision Modular Helmet

Motorcycle Helmets For Daily Commuters - nolan 100-5

Nolan N100-5: Buy on
RevZilla | MotardinnAmazon

The Nolan N100-5 is one of the best motorcycle helmets for daily commuters, for its great field of vision and versatility as a modular helmet. 

It makes an exceptional choice for daily commuters, offering a blend of comfort, safety, and convenience. 

The N100-5 comes with P/J homologation, meaning you can use the helmet with the chin guard either open or closed. This helmet is also DOT approved.

I like the ultrawide face shield as it gives me a wide field of vision. If you ride in city traffic with tight turns and many distractions, you will appreciate this feature. 

The VPS inner sun shield deploys and retracts easily and is UV 400 protected. It does a great job blocking out sun glares, and the helmet’s ventilation system also keeps my head cool. 

The N100-5 is a modular helmet with a dual-action chin guard opening system. I was able to operate it comfortably, even with my gloves on. 

It also comes with a Microlock double lever chin strap, which makes the helmet easy to put on and perfect for daily commuting.

4. Shoei GT-Air 2 – Superb Ventilation And Comfort

Motorcycle Helmets For Daily Commuters - shoei gtair-2

Shoei GT-Air 2: Buy on

As one of the coolest and most comfortable helmets I have worn, I have included the Shoei GT Air II Helmet here.

It is possibly the ultimate all-rounder helmet, suitable not just for daily commutes but should handle long-distance touring rides, too. 

The shell is made of Shoei’s proprietary Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM), keeping the helmet light yet rigid. Like other Shoei helmets, The GT-Air II also features a multi-piece EPS liner for enhanced impact absorption and ventilation.

True to its name, the GT-Air II has three intakes and six exhaust vents, making it ideal for daily commuting. The lower intake keeps my face shield from fogging up when riding.

The CNS-1 shield system also provides a wider and taller field of vision, which is crucial for spotting dangers on the road. 

I also enjoyed the QSV-2 sun visor. It is large and offers good protection and extended vision on my periphery. The micro ratchet chin strap offers quick and easy wearing, which is crucial for motorcycle helmets for daily commuters.

5. AGV K1 S – Wide Vision

Motorcycle Helmets For Daily Commuters - agv k1s

AGV K1 S: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

Here are a couple of reasons I included this helmet in this list: It’s affordable, it provides wide vision, and it has a good ventilation system. 

The AGV K1 S Helmet is a versatile, aerodynamic helmet made with High-Resistance Thermoplastic Resin (HIR-TH). It is DOT-approved and ECE 22.06 certified. 

The helmet’s aerodynamic shape, inspired by the wind tunnel-tested Corsa R and Pista GP R, should also help you manage the wind at high speed.

One of my favorite things about the AGV K1S is the GT-2/GT-4 face shield. Compared to the regular K1, the K1s have a larger, wider face shield, which allows you to see better. 

The shield is scratch-resistant, offers 100% UV protection, and has been treated well against fog.

The K1S also comes with AGV’s Integrated Ventilation System (IVS). Look around the helmet; you will find five front vents and two rear extractor vents.

All these features are packed into a helmet that is one of the most affordable on this list. This makes the AGV K1S a good banger helmet—the kind you buy, wear, and abuse daily. 

What Makes Good Motorcycle Helmets For Daily Commuting?

Sometimes, I hear people say things like daily commuting helmets do not have to be as good as those you wear for long-distance rides. What load of crap is that?

To me, motorcycle helmets for daily commuters need to be the best helmet you can afford, with additional focus on these areas:


A daily commuter motorcycle helmet should best be light. A light helmet spares your neck and shoulder from additional strain, especially since you will wear it daily. 


When commuting daily with your motorcycle, you may be in slow or stand-still traffic more frequently, such as during a traffic jam or waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. 

In such situations, you would appreciate a motorcycle helmet with many vents. They may not provide instant relief from heat, but at least you can breathe a little easier.

Light-colored helmets may also help here, as they attract less heat. If white is too plain, there’s always silver or light gray.

Wide Field Of Vision

When daily commuting, you are likely riding in city traffic, with tight turns, pedestrians, and, yes, distracted drivers. 

A helmet with a wide vision should help in this situation, allowing you to see better. I would aim for helmets with wider peripheral vision.


Let’s face it—daily commuting is boring. This explains why people are distracted while doing it. They text while driving, dream away while behind the steering wheel, and there’s you, with your motorcycle.

All it takes is for these drivers to make some mistakes; if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll get some. A high-visibility helmet should help here.

Quiet Rides

Riding a motorcycle is noisy, and if you commute daily with your motorcycle, you should get a helmet with good noise reduction. 

No helmet can reduce all the noise out there; you should still hear some for your own safety. However, lower noise brings comfort, which is important if you are going to ride daily.

Motorcycle Helmets For Daily Commuters

These are good motorcycle helmets for daily commuters for some reasons—some offer quiet rides, some offer wide vision, and some offer easy ratchet-style buckles…

And some are just good, affordable helmets that can take a beating. Depending on your preferences, I can see you enjoying any of these helmets for daily wear. 

If you are looking for helmets beyond daily use, here are some other recommendations I have:

Michael’s Summary and Conclusion

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