6 Best Kids & Youth Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

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When it comes to getting children to ride motorcycles, several things are in mind. One is, of course, protection. The other is cost—we never know if the child will take up the hobby, which means it may make sense to start with a more affordable helmet. There are many youth motorcycle helmets on the market these days, so which are the best choices?

Some of the best youth motorcycle helmets under $200 include:

  • LS2 Rapid Youth
  • FXR Youth Nitro Core
  • GMax OF2 Youth
  • HJC Youth CL-XY
  • O’Neal Youth 2 Series
  • Fox Racing Youth V1

In this post, let’s look at some of the best youth motorcycle helmets within the $200 budget range. These helmets balance style, comfort, functionality, and price, with some costing less than $100.

Ready? Let’s go.

Top 6 Best Kids & Youth Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

Model Type Features Shop
LS2 Rapid Youth Full-face
  • Lightweight, aerodynamic shell
  • Fully adjustable vents
  • Hypoallergenic, removable padding
FXR Youth Nitro Core Full-face
  • Lightweight polymer alloy shell
  • Dual-layer anti-fog, anti-scratch face shield
  • High-flow adjustable ventilation
GMax OF2 Youth 3/4 Open Face
  • Lightweight polycarbonate open face shell
  • Removable, adjustable Coolmax interior
  • Adjustable forehead vent
HJC Youth CL-XY Dirt-Bike
  • Polycarbonate composite shell
  • Large eye port with adjustable visor
  • ACS Advanced Ventilation System
O’Neal Youth 2 Series Dirt-Bike
  • Lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell
  • Plush, removable, washable liner
  • Multiple air vents for cooling
Fox Racing Youth V1 Dirt-Bike
  • Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS)
  • Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS)
  • 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents

youth motorcycle helmet - LS2 Rapid youth

LS2 Rapid Youth: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

1. LS2 Rapid Youth: Best Full Face Youth Motorcycle Helmet

The LS2 Rapid Youth Motorcycle Helmet has a lightweight, aerodynamic shell made using High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology (HPTT).

The shell also has fully adjustable vents on the forehead that you can open and close. When opened, they create good flow-through ventilation, keeping young riders cool during their rides. 

On the inside, the LS2 Rapid Youth full-face helmet is made of hypoallergenic, breathable, and removable padding. The 3D inner foam and cheek pads are also laser-cut, offering a snug fit without hot spots. 

I also really like the quick-release chinstrap. It is easy for children to put on, yet gives a strong, secure fit. Your kid may also appreciate its neck roll, which is designed to keep wind noise out.

The LS2 Rapid Youth motorcycle helmet is scratch—and UV-resistant and can be swapped without tools. It is also DOT-approved, a sign of its high safety standards.

Available in various youth sizes, the LS2 Rapid youth motorcycle helmet ensures a proper fit for every child’s head, making it a top choice for both boys and girls. 

youth motorcycle helmet - FXR Nitro Youth Core

FXR Youth Nitro Core: Buy on
RevZilla | CycleGear

2. FXR Youth Nitro Core Helmet

FXR is a Canadian apparel company that makes helmets and gear for motorsports. It offers a wide range of youth motorcycle helmets, with the Nitro Core being one of its more popular full-face models.

The FXR Youth Nitro Core youth motorcycle helmet is crafted from a lightweight, advanced polymer alloy, which makes it different from regular polycarbonate plastic.

As a result, the helmet is strong, durable, and light. It should also withstand the roughness of youth motocross and dirt bike riding.

Your child should appreciate many of the features this helmet carries. The dual-layer face shield is well equipped with features like anti-fog, anti-scratch, UV filtering, and distortion-free.

I find the face shield retention system user-friendly. If your child rides in cold conditions, you can also add on an electric heated shield, sold separately.

The high-flow adjustable air ventilation system should keep your young rider cool on hotter days. An integrated removable breath box adds to the comfort.

The dual-density EPS liner should give the helmet good impact absorption. At the same time, the quick-release, easy-adjust buckle provides a secure fit. The moisture-wicking comfort liner is also removable, washable, and hygienically treated.

The Nitro Core youth motorcycle helmet meets DOT and ECE safety regulations, ensuring you are giving your child the best protection and safety.

youth motorcycle helmet - GMAX OF2

GMax OF2 Youth: Buy on

3. GMax OF2 Youth: Best Open-Face Kids Motorcycle Helmet

To me, the GMax OF2 Youth Motorcycle Helmet is a good choice if you are looking for a basic, affordable, yet safe helmet for your kids.

Affordable, it should serve well as your child’s first motorcycle helmet. If they love riding bikes, you can upgrade their helmets later. 

If not, the helmet does not cost you too much to give it away or sell it cheaply.

The GMax OF2 Youth helmet is built like its adult version. It has a 3/4 open-face design and a removable peak visor. The youth motorcycle helmet also has a lightweight polycarbonate shell that supports and protects young riders. 

On the interior, GMax gives you their proprietary Coolmax technology. The liners and paddings are removable, adjustable, and washable.

There’s also a padded chin strap, giving your kid extra comfort. For warm-day rides, your child may appreciate the adjustable forehead vent.

The removable peak visor attaches to the helmet with 3 snaps and does a good job of keeping the sun and debris away. 

You can choose from 7 solid colors for the design. The helmet’s clean surface also allows it to be customized if you or your child are into that sort of thing.


HJC Youth CL-XY: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

4. HJC Youth CL-XY 

Whether your kid rides a street bike or an ATV, the HJC CL-XY 2 Helmet should protect the head well. It features an advanced polycarbonate composite shell that is both lightweight and durable, ensuring a comfortable fit for every youth rider. 

I particularly appreciate the large eye port and adjustable visor. These should give the youth rider a good view when riding, especially their peripheral vision.

The ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System keeps your youth rider cool by removing heat and humidity from the helmet.

The HJC Youth CL-XY motorcycle helmet is DOT-approved and meets strict safety standards. This provides peace of mind about your child’s protection.

The interior features a removable and washable Nylex liner. This means you can easily remove the liners for a good cleaning and to keep everything fresh and safe.

The HJC Youth CL-XY 2 Helmet is available in various youth sizes, ensuring a snug fit for both boys and girls. 

 O'Neal Youth 2

O’Neal Youth 2: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

5. O’Neal Youth 2 Series

To me, the O’Neal Youth 2 Series Helmet stands out with its robust features and commendable safety standards.

As a start, the helmet’s lightweight polycarbonate/ABS shell makes it durable yet comfortable to wear—important when riding hard on mud and rocky terrain.

The helmet also has a plush padded liner that is comfortable and fits well. These liners and cheek pads are both removable and washable, ensuring hygiene and ease of maintenance.

The O’Neal Youth 2 helmets also come with an adjustable visor design and multiple air vents to keep the youth rider cool and dry.

Safety is a paramount concern, and the O’Neal 2 Series meets DOT and ECE 22-05 safety standards, providing you with peace of mind about your child’s safety. It also has a double-D release chin strap for a secure fit.

In terms of looks, the O’Neal 2 Series is popular among youth riders for its stylish look and reliable performance. The helmet is available in various sizes and graphics, catering to many young riders.

Fox Youth V1

Fox Racing Youth V1: Buy on
RevZilla | Amazon

6. Fox Racing Youth V1: Best Youth Motorcross Helmet

The Fox Racing Youth V1 Helmet is a good combination of safety, comfort, and performance, making it one of the best youth motorcycle helmets for dirt bikes.

If you want to upgrade your child’s helmet, I think this model will work very well. The aggressive design and lines may also excite your child too.

The Fox Racing Youth V1 Helmet has a Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). MIPS has been proven to reduce rotational forces during impacts, enhancing protection for young riders. 

This youth motorcycle helmet also features the Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS), an additional safety feature that releases the visor in the event of a crash. The helmet’s injection-molded polycarbonate and ABS material keeps it light.

Airflow and ventilation are not an issue here—there are 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents. You can also remove and wash the liner and cheek pads, ensuring comfort and hygiene. The Fox Racing Youth V1 helmet also meets ECE 22.05 and DOT certifications.

Thanks to its four shell and five EPS sizes, the Fox Racing Youth V1 should offer your child a very good fit. Designs are also aplenty, with many aggressive and plain options. 

Youth Motorcycle Helmets Under $200

In this article, I focused on balancing functionality, durability, safety, and pricing when selecting the youth motorcycle helmets. The idea here is to make sure you have: 

  • an easy-to-buy starter helmet for your child, and also 
  • something quality to upgrade to if your child gets serious about riding bikes. 

Whether you just want a regular open-face helmet to take your child around your bike or something protective for your up-and-coming Moto X rider, there’s something for you here. If you are looking for more motorcycle helmet reviews, feel free to check out my other lists, including:

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