How do I know that my apparel is safe?
The European Union conducts tests and certifications for Personal Protective Equipment. When you see the CE safety marking on the tag of your apparel this means that it has been tested to meet the specified standard. We test and certify our apparel to meet various CE safety standards. Apparel will not protect you from any foreseeable accident however studies show that wearing apparel significantly decreases your risk of injury and/or death.
What are European Union CE standards?
The European Union sets the precedent for worldwide safety standards for all personal protective equipment. All products that meet CE certification pass stringent testing and precise measurements.
Will my apparel protect me even after I have crashed in it one or more times?
AGV Sports Group has long been developing high quality protective equipment, however, we cannot guarantee that your protective gear will still offer full protection after a crash, big or small. We advise our customers to call our offices for possible repairs to any damaged equipment, as soon as possible, to protect from any future injury that may result from loosened stitching or torn leathers.
What you should do before you ride
Always remember to put on and fasten your gear correctly. Everything should be zipped up, Velcro closures should be fastened, and snaps should be fastened. You gear should be put on and adjusted while the vehicle is not moving.
Periodically check the condition of your gear and its components that are subject to wear (screws, mechanisms, snaps, zippers, stitching leather, etc.), particularly the following:
- The surface of the leather, to make sure that there are no cracks;
- The stitching, to make sure that it is in good condition and is secure;
- The lining and snaps/zippers of your gear, to make sure that they are in good condition;
- The protective armor inserts and the armor pockets, make sure they are positioned and secured correctly;
- Exterior integrated protective molds should be inspected for wear and tear.
Be prepared for sudden changes in the weather conditions that may occur while you are driving and which may influence the performance of or damage your gear (i.e. rain, snow, extreme cold conditions, heat conditions.). We recommend that you use an AGVSPORT Rain Suit to protect your leathers. Ventilated or insulated apparel may be better suited for various weather conditions.