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AGV SpA. (Amisano Gino Valenza)

  • 1947 – The first AGV motorcycle leather safety helmet was created by Gino Amisano
  • 1953 – Amisano designs first motorcycle racing helmet
  • 1954 – First modern Italian helmet, made of fiberglass, leading to creation of the “Model 160” Helmet
  • 1956 – First AGV jet helmet produced
  • 1967 – Giacomo Agostini signed by AGV Helmets, he would go on to be a 14-time World Champion, a feat matched by no other
  • 1969 – First full-face helmet worn in an Italian race was an AGV model, worn by Alberto Pagani
  • 1971 – Full-faced AGV helmets mass produced
  • 1977 – AGV starts a “mobile clinic” to treat riders at the site of motorcycle events in case of injury
  • 1978 – Kenny Roberts and Barry Sheene are sponsored by AGV Helmets
  • 1984 – Randy Mamola sponsored by AGV Helmets
  • 1993 – Wayne Rainey sponsored by AGV Helmets
  • 1995 – Valentino Rossi, only rider to threaten the likes of Giacomo Agostini, starts his riding career wearing AGV Helmets, leading to 7 World Championships
  • 2007 – AGV merges with Dainese combining two of the most legendary names in the world for motorcycle protective gear.
  • 2009 – Gino Amisano dies at 89
  • 2012 – AGV unveils their new generation of helmets, the Pista GP, stemming from their “Extreme Standards Project” which began in 2009 as they were striving to make the safest helmet on the market
  • 2014 – The Pista GP is awarded with 5 Sharp Stars and confirmed as one of the safest helmets in the world.
  • 2014 – Bahrain’s Investcorp purchases a majority stake in Dainese, the owner of the AGV Helmet brand.

AGV Sports Group

  • 1978 – AGV USA is created as a joint venture between Gino Amisano (AGV Helmets) in Italy and Michael Parrotte in the US to distribute AGV helmets exclusively to the US market
  • 1985 – License acquired from AGV to use name, joint venture into US market making apparel
    • – Randy Mamola is the first racer to be sponsored by the apparel company, wearing the first AGV  gloves: The CX-1
    • – AGV  creates their first road race suit and boots
  • 1987 – Yamaha Motor Canada becomes the first international importer
  • 1989 – AGV  brand name morphed into AGVSPORT, AGV Sports Group Inc. formed
  • 1990 – 2007 Parts Unlimited becomes U.S. importer
    • – Leather gloves, jackets, boots, and textiles all bearing the name AGVSPORT for the first time replaces the AGV name and tri-color logo
  • 1991 – Loris Capirossi sponsored by AGV Sport, wins his second GP World Championship
  • 1992 – AGV Helmets in Italy purchases 51% of AGV Sports Group
    • Monza Importers in Australia become a second international partner
  • 1990’s – List of sponsored riders wearing AGVSPORT apparel explodes
    • – U.S.A. – Ben Bostrom, Eric Bostrom, Thomas Stevens, Kurtis Roberts, Aaron Yates, and Roland Sands, Mike Hale, Randy Renfrow.
    • – Canada – Miguel DuHamel, Pascal Picotte, and Steve Crevier
    • – Australia – Troy Bayliss, Sean Giles,  and 7-time AMA SuperBike Champion Mat Mladin
  • 1998 – First modern AGVSPORT logo is created by Sergio Robbiano, the famed Italian designer for Ducati, Bimota, Spidi, and AGV Helmets
  • 2001 – AGVSPORT is recognized by AGV Helmets as an independent brand, owned by AGV Sports Group Inc
  • 2015 – AGV Sport celebrates its 30-year anniversary along with 25 year anniversary with Keith Code and the California Super Bike School


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