Top 5 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

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From time to time, throwing a leg over the saddle becomes our escape from the daily grind, but in today’s world, where phone breaks have become the modern equivalent of smoke breaks, having your cell phone within arm’s reach while riding has evolved into a necessity. Now, I may be a stickler for traffic laws (and I highly recommend you be, too), but let’s face it – resisting the urge to check that text at the stoplight is a universal struggle. Enter the unsung hero of our two-wheeled adventures: the motorcycle phone mount. It’s not just about preventing your phone from doing an unexpected somersault out of your pocket. Oh no, it’s about keeping your maps app visible, effortlessly switching tracks, and making sure your ride is as smooth as a perfectly paved highway.

As a seasoned rider, I can attest that investing in the right motorcycle phone mount is not just a matter of convenience but a smart and economical alternative to an impromptu smartphone upgrade.

Yet, navigating the market for the best mount is akin to traversing uncharted terrain. The abundance of options can be overwhelming, and the quest for the perfect one extends far beyond mere price considerations. Delving into the specifics becomes imperative: What type of motorcycle do you ride? What’s your riding style? Where are the optimal mounting locations on your bike? And, crucially, what level of protection and convenience aligns with your journey? Drawing from my wealth of experience spanning nearly five decades of motorcycling, I’m here to guide you through these considerations and present my today’s crème de la crème of motorcycle phone mounts:

Mount ModelCategoryCompatibilityCheck & Shop Now
QuadLock ProBest All-RoundiPhone and Samsung Galaxy modelsRevZilla | Amazon
Rokform ProBest Cruiser4.7" to 6.8" SmartphonesAmazon
RAM Mounts Quick-GripBest AdventureiPhone, Google Pixel, Huawei, Motorola, LG, Samsung Galaxy modelsRevZilla | Amazon
Peak DesignBest Standard/SportsiPhone and Samsung Galaxy modelsAmazon
TackformBest Off-RoadiPhone and Samsung Galaxy modelsAmazon

Every mount in my selection is custom-tailored to specific scenarios, acknowledging that diverse rides call for distinct solutions. But before I dive into the intricate details of these chosen mounts, let me first establish the criteria that steered me toward these top picks.

Key Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

A phone mount is the ultimate solution for keeping my device effortlessly in view, all the while ensuring the hands stay firmly on the wheel or diverting the eyes from the road ahead. With this ingenious yet simple accessory, I can seamlessly navigate the twists and turns of the Mae Hong Son Loop with precision using GPS or setting the mood with your favorite Spotify beats on a leisurely ride along the iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road. It’s the perfect blend of convenience and safety. Here’s a brief overview of the key factors I find most relevant for this application:

Match Your Ride to the Right Mount


Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

The type of motorcycle you own dictates the kind of mount that suits your needs, as the handlebar, rearview mirror, and the ball head—all potential mounting positions—vary in design.

Touring and adventure motorcycles, for instance, typically come with drop handlebars, a departure from the clip-on handlebars commonly found on sportbikes. On the other hand, motocross bars are the standard for dirt bikes and dual-sports, featuring a low or medium-low profile that necessitates a slight forward lean. A setup that differs from the more pronounced lean associated with clip-on or drag handlebars, which essentially comprise a flat handlebar with zero rises and a slight amount of pullback.

Choose the Perfect Spot


As someone who loves having my phone right on the handlebars, I’ve taken on the challenge of figuring out the best mount for different handlebars. It’s not always straightforward, especially with the lack of clear indications from manufacturers. Those sleek clip-ons, with their modern design, throw in an extra twist by not having that classic round handlebar perfect for phone mounts, unlike the traditional tubular handlebar.

And after a bit of trial and error, I stumbled upon a great solution for my Kawi 400 or Yamaha MT-07 sport-touring bike—fork stem mounts. A setup that uses an expansion plug that you insert into the fork stem hole. When you compress the plug, it expands and snugly grips the inside of the fork stem hole, creating a solid mounting spot for your cell phone. Sure, it may take a bit more effort during installation compared to the standard handlebar mount, but trust me, it’s usually the best bet for sport bikes.

Now, if your motorcycle rocks the traditional tubular handlebar, you’re in luck. A ‘universal handlebar mount’ is your go-to choice, and it works like a charm for all your mounting needs. But if you’re cruising on a modern scooter, the fork stem mounting option might not be suitable due to the plastic covering the handlebar, leaving no ideal space for attachment without crowding the handgrip. In such cases, an accessory mount that attaches to your mirror is the simplest and most effective solution. I’ve found this approach to be the perfect fix for most scooters.

Get the Right Measurements


Get the Right Measurements -

While the general information post-1990 suggests that motorcycle handlebars typically come in two sizes—1 inch and 7/8 of an inch—I’ve found through my experiences that actual measurements can vary slightly. Using my veneer calipers, I’ve measured handlebars ranging from seven-eighths of an inch to 1.125 inches. It might not be a substantial difference, but it’s still noteworthy. Consequently, most phone mounts address this variability by including accessories to clamp onto different handlebar sizes.

My QuadLock Pro, a reliable choice, comes with four clamp sizes: 22.2mm for 7/8” handlebars, 25.4mm for 1” handlebars, 28.6mm for 1-1/8” handlebars, and 31.8mm for 1-1/4” handlebars. This adaptability ensures compatibility with a wide range of handlebar sizes.

If you find yourself prompted to select a bar size when purchasing your mount, there are a few ways to obtain the right measurement. You can refer to your owner’s manual, conduct a quick Google search for your OEM bar size, or simply measure the handlebar directly. Ensuring an accurate fit guarantees a secure and stable mount for your device, offering peace of mind on your rides.

Tools & Supplies

The motorcycle tools and supplies I recommend provide a perfect balance of affordability and unwavering quality, ensuring the utmost value for your investment. These are items I've become well-acquainted with during my more than 50 years of motorcycling experience, where I've led and consulted for reputable companies in over 25 countries, in addition to being an avid rider.

One Mount for Many Bikes


One Mount for Many Bikes

Owning just one motorcycle is never enough. And the good news is that most mounting options are designed for easy transferability between bikes. Here’s a little tip: acquiring one additional piece of the “phone mounting puzzle” can often allow you to use the same mount for all your bikes.

Take, for instance, my experience with the RAM Mounts X-Grip Handlebar U-Bolt Base. I’ve been using this system for the last 7 years. It accommodates rails ranging from 0.5″ to 1.25″ in diameter and features a medium-length, B-size RAM double socket arm. The ball and socket technology it employs allows for near-infinite adjustability. Originally employed on my Ducati Scrambler Icon, all it took to switch it over to my Kawasaki Ninja 650 was purchasing the RAM Mounts Stem Base.

The takeaway here is that if you have more than one bike, you might not necessarily need to invest in multiple phone mounts. In many cases, purchasing an extra mounting base can be the simple solution to ensure your phone is securely mounted on any of your rides. It’s a versatile approach that saves you both effort and expense while ensuring your phone stays within easy reach, no matter which bike you choose to ride.

Keep It Safe and Visible


A safe ride means avoiding distractions, and your phone mount should be part of that safety equation. Firstly, confirm that the mount won’t interfere with any of your controls or your ability to manipulate your bike. Your focus should be on the road, not wrestling with a poorly placed mount.

Secondly, prioritize visibility without compromising attention on the road. I’ve discovered that positioning the phone close to your tachometer is generally optimal. The placement allows for quick, instinctive glances without diverting your focus too far from the road ahead.

Phone Case Considerations


Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Rokform Pro and QuadLock phone mounts often rely on their proprietary phone cases for secure attachment to a motorcycle, all designed to offer waterproofing or water resistance, enhancing protection for your device during rides.

But if you’re like me and already have a waterproof, slim phone case (bonus points for it being lightweight) on your iPhone 13 Pro Max, you might explore alternative mounting options. In my case, when I’m not storing my phone in my Pro Adventure Cargo Travel Pants (yes, they come with 11 secure pockets!), and I prefer not to rely solely on voice commands via Bluetooth (given potential road noise and distractions), I turn to the RAM Mounts X-Grip Handlebar U-Bolt Base.

What makes this option appealing is that it doesn’t necessitate the use of a proprietary case.

Preserve Your Phone on Harley Rides


For Harley enthusiasts who crave the loud, raw, and powerful vibes of their bikes, they often consider the accompanying vibrations as part of the authentic experience. But with this authenticity comes the potential risk of phone damage, especially after covering miles on the bike. While I haven’t faced this issue personally, I’ve heard similar concerns from both iOS and Android users.

Consider a vibration dampener, commonly available with mounts like QuadLock. These dampeners effectively isolate your phone from intense shaking. It’s a small investment that can make a significant difference in preserving your device during those exhilarating rides.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Phone Mount Model Category Compatibility
QuadLock Pro Best All-Round iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models
Rokform Pro Series Best Cruiser 4.7″ to 6.8″ Smartphones
RAM Mounts Quick-Grip Best Adventure iPhone, Google Pixel, Huawei, Motorola, LG, Samsung Galaxy models
Peak Design Best Standard/Sports iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models
Tackform Best Off-Road iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models

Having explored the exhilarating realms of motorcycle ownership across different terrains and countries, I currently cruise on a Kawasaki Z250 naked bike in Thailand, navigate the trails with a Kawasaki KLX 250 enduro in Vietnam, embark on adventures with a Tekken 250 adventure touring bike in Ukraine, tackle SuperMoto thrills on a Honda CRF250X, hit the off-road trails with a Yamaha TTR125, race on the roads and tracks with a Kawasaki Z400 naked bike, Kawasaki Ninja 400 road race/track day bike, Honda RS125R road race bike, and Yamaha DT50 enduro bike. Plus, I command two ATVs, Yamaha Blasters, in the United States.

Throughout this diverse journey, I’ve experimented with various phone mounts, tailoring my choices to fit the distinct personality of each motorcycle. In my reviews, I’ll exclusively recommend phone mounts that I’ve personally encountered. I firmly believe in providing recommendations rooted in firsthand knowledge, ensuring that you benefit from insights gained through actual usage. Here goes:

1. QuadLock Pro: Best All-Round

QuadLock Pro Best All-RoundQuadLock Pro: Buy on RevZilla | Amazon

Chances are, you’ve already encountered both the original Quad-Lock and its upgraded version, the Quad Lock Pro, released in 2022. The distinguishing factor? It all comes down to construction. The Quad Lock Pro’s black anodized CNC machined aluminum build, accompanied by a sleek black lever and black stainless steel hardware, differentiates it from the original Quad Lock crafted from glass-filled nylon with a blue lever and stainless steel hardware. And if you opt for the vibration damper with the Quad Lock Pro, expect some plastic and rubber in play. The Pro version also has a discreet cable route for USB charge cables.

But is the Quad Lock Pro worthy of being crowned my best all-round choice? Absolutely.  And here’s why:

Versatile Mounting Systems

In my package, I received the Handlebar Mount Pro, Vibration Dampener, and, of course, the Quad Lock Phone Case, allowing for a customized system that suits individual preferences. The pricing structure of the system offers flexibility based on the chosen options: the Quad Lock Pro mount at $49.95, the Galaxy S10+ phone case for $29.95, the vibration damper at $19.95, and the wireless charging head priced at $74.95. The total cost of my comprehensive system was $173.95, which may be considered a significant investment. Excluding the wireless charging head brings the overall cost down to around $100.

But what truly caught my attention were the two innovative mounting systems—the classic handlebar mount and the cutting-edge fork stem mount. The latter, in particular, emerged as a game-changer for my Kawasaki Z400 naked bike, Kawasaki Ninja 400 road race/track day bike, and Honda RS125R road race bike —all equipped with clip-on handlebars.

Advanced Vibration Absorption and Wireless Charging

The vibration-absorbing system comprises two semi-free-floating layers of plastic with three rubber pegs. Notably, I observed that this configuration effectively minimizes phone vibrations, ensuring a smoother and more stable experience during my rides.

Venturing into Quad Lock’s “Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head,” my initial impression was its robust construction, incorporating durable metal components alongside thoughtfully integrated plastic parts. Quad Lock proudly asserts that the unit boasts an impressive “IP 66 water-resistant” rating, assuring riders of reliability even in challenging weather conditions. Moreover, the charging head delivers fast-charging capabilities, supporting 5, 7.5, and 10-watt options.

With the charging head, you’ll find a convenient USB-A to USB-C cable included, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to keep your device powered on the go.

Phone Case Requirement

Now, the catch with the QuadLock Pro, unlike the RAM Mounts X-Grip, is the need for special phone cases unless you go for their adhesive universal adapter. While the adapter is more budget-friendly, the bike-specific Quad Lock cases are recommended for an adventure-type application, ensuring a snug and secure fit for various phone models, including Galaxy, Pixel, iPhone, and Huawei.

Case Design and Ergonomics

Concerns about the phone’s mounting point creating a bulky protrusion are addressed with the Quad Lock case, where the mounting point sits nearly flush with the case’s exterior. The case itself boasts a tough polycarbonate core and an impact-absorbing TPU edge-to-edge outer shell, ensuring durability without sacrificing pocket-friendliness.

Efficient Installation and Modular Design

Installation of the Quad Lock Pro handlebar mount, along with the vibration damper and wireless charging head, is straightforward, taking less than 10 minutes. But, the modular nature of the Quad Lock system might initially confuse, as each component comes in separate boxes. Still, with a bit of patience, assembling the pieces becomes intuitive.

Phone Attachment and Release

Attaching your phone to the Quad Lock Pro involves a unique adapter with four tabs, securely fitting into the Quad Lock case’s indentation. A press down and a twist to the right secure the phone in place, a process that becomes seamless with practice. Releasing the phone is just as easy, with a simple push down on the arm(s) underneath.

Real-World Stability Testing

In real-world testing on both smooth pavement and rough surfaces, the Quad Lock Pro system demonstrated commendable stability, with the vibration damper proving effective in absorbing impacts without compromising phone security. Even on adventure rides with wash boarded roads, the Quad Lock Pro kept the phone in place, offering peace of mind.

Exceptional Wireless Charging Performance

The wireless charger demonstrates exceptional performance in various weather conditions, standing up admirably to both rain and Florida’s intense sunlight. Impressively, my phone consistently charges to 100%, even when running multiple apps, including power-hungry ones like Google Maps.

While I haven’t tested the charger from a completely depleted state, I can attest that it efficiently charges my Samsung S10+ from 65% to 100% in less than an hour.

2. Rokform Pro Series: Best Cruiser

Rokform Pro Series Best CruiserRokform Pro Series: Buy on Amazon

When it comes to finding the ideal motorcycle phone mount that seamlessly blends versatility and functionality, the Rokform Pro Series stands out as the best universal fit. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this mount caters to a diverse array of motorcycle brands, setting it apart from the conventional Universal Ball Mount.

Tailored Fit for Every Ride

Unlike the run-of-the-mill Universal Ball Mount that mimics any RAM ball mount, the Pro Series is a cut above the rest. It snugly accommodates handlebars ranging from 7/8 to 1¼ inches, ensuring a secure and customized fit. Are you worried about compatibility with your handlebar size? Fear not – the package includes rubber inserts, adding an extra layer of adaptability.

360-Degree Rotational Freedom for Optimal Viewing

What sets the Pro Series apart is its impressive rotational flexibility. With a 360-degree rotation of the collar facilitated by the first bolt, coupled with the second bolt securing the phone-holding arm, you get unparalleled freedom. Pivot angles ranging from -20 to +55 degrees open up a world of versatile adjustments, ensuring your phone is always perfectly visible.

While adjustments are a breeze, be mindful that once you’ve found that sweet spot, you will need a tool for readjustment.

Adjustable Head for Your Preferred Angle

Your viewing preferences matter, and the Pro Series takes that seriously. The mount’s head is fully adjustable, providing a complete 360-degree range of motion. Whether you prefer portrait or landscape positions, the Pro Series caters to your needs, offering extensive flexibility without unnecessary complexity.

Effortless Phone Installation Process

Simplicity meets efficiency when attaching your phone to the Pro Series. The process is straightforward: align the four prongs on the mount with the case’s opening, apply a slight press down, and turn the phone to the right. The satisfying click indicates a secure lock, and your phone is now confidently mounted.

Vibration Damping Considerations

A notable point of consideration is the absence of a dedicated vibration damper. This might raise concerns for users with phones equipped with optical image stabilization, as motorcycle vibrations could potentially impact camera functionality. Rokform recommends pairing the Pro Series with their dedicated Rokform case, a common practice among specialized phone mount manufacturers.

Rugged and Protective Case Design

The Pro Series necessitates the use of the Rokform case, and it’s a case worth noting. Robust and slightly heavier than competitors like QuadLock, it boasts a substantial design with a claimed “Slim design with 6-foot Military Grade drop protection.” The case’s thickness is evident, providing a reassuring feel that your phone is well-shielded.

Twist Lock System and Magnetic Assistance

Central to the secure connection between your phone and the mount is Rokform’s patented “twist lock system.” The four-pronged opening on the case’s back aligns with the mount’s prongs, allowing for a secure and straightforward locking mechanism. Adding an extra layer of protection, the case incorporates two powerful magnets that not only secure your phone but also serve practical purposes.

These magnets securely attach your phone to any magnetic surface, proving handy when your hands are occupied.

Practicality and Minimal Impact on Phone Functionality

Rokform asserts that the magnets in the case do not affect GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, payments, or data transfer. In practical use, I observed no discernible impact on their functionality. The phone works as expected, though I’m yet to test the case’s impact on payment and data transfer functions.

3. RAM Mounts Quick-Grip: Best Adventure

RAM Mounts Quick-Grip Best AdventureRAM Mounts Quick-Grip: Buy on RevZilla | Amazon

When it comes to off-road or adventure riding, the struggle of securing your phone on challenging terrains is a familiar tale. Rubber bands and X-type mounts may suffice for pavement, but the moment you hit rough trails, it’s a different story.

The inconveniences of rubber bands quickly become apparent—each attempt to capture a quick picture or access your phone requires a tedious process of removing and reattaching the rubber band. It’s time-consuming, especially with gloves on, and can turn a simple task into a cumbersome one.

Enter the RAM Quick-Grip XL, a game-changer for off-road enthusiasts. A solution born out of the need to secure larger format phones like the Samsung S10, this mount proves that the little things matter.

Ingenious Design for Effortless Handling

The Quick-Grip XL features a flat base adorned with two spring-loaded finger-like hooks at the top and bottom. The top hooks exert downward pressure on your phone, ensuring a secure hold. To add an extra layer of protection, four manually adjustable fingers can be positioned at six different locations on the side of the phone, preventing any unintended slides.

Inserting or removing your phone becomes a breeze—simply place the top portion under the spring-loaded fingers and push it up. The spring facilitates easy insertion, and once in place, your phone is firmly held. To remove, a one-handed operation involves lifting the phone against the spring tension, with the side fingers preventing any sliding mishaps.

Durable and Secure—A Real-World Test

Ease of use is undoubtedly crucial, but the true test lies in the mount’s ability to secure your valuable device during real-world adventures. A test on Vermont’s twisty, bumpy paved roads and pothole-filled dirt roads pushed the RAM Quick-Grip XL to prove its worth.

The mount faced a rigorous trial, navigating steep, potholed dirt roads, absorbing the impact of numerous potholes. As the journey transitioned to paved roads, increased speed, corners, and bumps posed no challenge—the phone stayed securely in place. A return trip through pothole-laden dirt roads showcased the mount’s resilience, with the phone remaining steadfast despite the bike’s bouncing.

Concerns about subjecting the phone to this level of testing were put to rest as the RAM Quick-Grip XL emerged victorious, ensuring both ease of use and secure phone retention.

A Worthwhile Investment

Pricing is often a consideration, but when it comes to convenience and security, the RAM Quick-Grip XL proves to be money well spent. Retailing at $22.99 for the single ball version or $54.99 for the complete setup, including the mount with a ball, a short extension arm, and a U-Bolt base, this investment guarantees a seamless and secure solution for your off-road adventures.

4. Peak Design: Best Standard/Sports

Peak Design Best Standard - SportsPeak Design: Buy on Amazon

Embodying the ethos of “Radical gear for the detail-obsessed,” Peak Design’s handlebar mount emerges as a meticulously crafted accessory, instantly setting itself apart as a well-conceived addition to your riding ensemble. Versatile and equipped with a locking mechanism that stands out among competitors, this handlebar mount swiftly earns its place as a top choice for everyday riding.

Innovative Design and Flawless Execution

While the foundation of Peak’s system mirrors other handlebar mounts—leveraging a bar clamp, swiveling joints, and a proprietary phone case—it’s the flawless execution that elevates this mount. Crafted predominantly from precision-machined aluminum, the swivel joints incorporate meshing teeth, offering an impressive 24 locking positions. Installation mirrors that of standard bar-mounted accessories, with the single-bolt bar clamp effortlessly securing its place.

Effortless Phone Mounting

The standout feature of this mount lies in its simplicity. An ingenious combination of neodymium magnets and mechanical locking tabs form a foolproof system. A gentle application of pressure secures your phone in place, and a button on the side effortlessly releases it. In the realm of motorcycle phone mounts, this mechanism emerges as the easiest and quickest, instilling unwavering confidence in its grip on my iPhone.

Seamless Case Integration

Addressing a common concern with such mounts, Peak Design’s case proves to be a seamless companion. Balancing functionality and protection, it aligns with the aesthetics of any standard case while accommodating most MagSafe chargers. The case’s role in the locking mechanism is unobtrusive, with options to add a loop on the back or opt for a sturdier polycarbonate case.

Minor Vibration Dampening Consideration

While the Peak Design handlebar mount approaches perfection, a minor tweak could enhance the built-in vibration dampener’s tautness. But this doesn’t significantly impact the riding experience, and the inclusion of a standard vibration dampener is a commendable feature.

A Top Choice for Everyday Riding

For everyday cruising, especially on bikes without built-in navigation, the Peak Design handlebar mount proves hard to rival. Its user-friendly design, robust construction, sophisticated aesthetics, and compatibility with Peak’s MagSafe lifestyle accessories make it a standout choice.

Priced at $99.95 for the handlebar mount and $39.95 for the standard case, it’s an investment that seamlessly blends form and function to enhance your riding journey.

5. Tackform: Best Off-Road

Tackform Best Off-RoadTackform: Buy on Amazon

The Tackform phone mount effortlessly lives up to its promise of “EASY 2 MIN INSTALLATION,” dispelling skepticism often associated with such claims. With three ABS cushion bushings included for handlebar protection and a secure fit, coupled with a straightforward process, this aluminum clamp system lives up to its user-friendly reputation.

Seamless Installation and Customization

Selecting the appropriately sized bushing for your bike is the only initial consideration, followed by a two-screw installation using the provided Allen wrench.

The simplicity of the process is a standout feature, requiring nothing more than the provided tools and your bike. The challenge, if any, lies in choosing the optimal location for the mount, but the flexibility provided ensures a swift two-minute installation or relocation. A twist of the thumb screw secures both the clamp and cradle end in place, offering a hassle-free experience.

Durable All-Metal Construction

Priced at $59.99, the all-metal Tackform mount offers a reliable and durable solution, a testament to its value considering the significant responsibility it holds. Unlike car dashboard mounts, this system faces the challenge of safeguarding your phone during rides where a fall could lead to irreparable damage. The robust construction and industrial spring grip make it a worthy investment for its serious job.

Features for Superior Security

The Tackform distinguishes itself with an all-metal construction and the gripping strength of an industrial spring, ensuring superior security for your smartphone or GPS system. Recognizing the need for a balance between strength and protection, it incorporates a soft poly layer on the cradle’s internal edge, offering a gentle touch for your device.

Functional and User-Friendly Design

Functionality takes center stage with the Tackform, featuring one-handed operation for easy insertion and removal of your phone. The single motion of pulling against the spring or sliding your phone into place simplifies the user experience. The large, ergonomic sides of the single thumb screw make customization effortless, allowing a 360-degree rotation for both the clamp and cradle sides.

Lifetime Guarantee and Added Assurance

Tackform’s commitment to quality is evident in Enduro Mount’s Lifetime Guarantee, a rare offering in a market where such assurances are limited. Recognizing potential reservations, Tackform includes an optional rubber sling as a failsafe, underscoring their confidence in the cradle grip’s reliability.

Rigorous Testing for Peace of Mind

The phone mount undergoes rigorous testing, with internal springs subjected to a spring test, assuring users of its durability. The suspension of a 15-pound and 20-pound kettlebell showcases the spring’s resilience, providing confidence in its ability to withstand sudden tugs or strong pulls.

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I've diligently categorized my motorcycle gear recommendations into all available categories, with the aim of providing you with a comprehensive analysis that showcases the absolute best options for all your needs. These items are the culmination of in-depth research, extensive testing, and personal use throughout my vast experience of 50+ years in the world of motorcycling. Besides being a passionate rider, I've held leadership positions and offered consultancy services to reputable companies in over 25 countries. To See Top Picks and the Best Prices & Places to Buy: Click Here!

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About the Author:

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