The Complete List of Best Performing Motorcycle Riding Schools and Track Day Events in the US

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Are you longing to learn and become a pro in motorcycle riding? Most people prefer to read books, do research online, or ask their buddies to help them practice and train. Without any doubt, the most effective and excellent way is to find a motorcycle track school.

If you do not know what these schools are, here is our list of best-performing motorcycle riding schools in the U.S. to consider.

Motorcycle Training Schools in the U.S.

American SuperCamp


The American Supercamp is one of the best motorcycle riding racing schools you can choose from. It is a traveling academy that teaches riders finer points on how to ride in the dirt.

Besides, the school offers riding skills and balance improvement training to all motorcycle riders. The instructors apply innovative and aggressive riding instructions during the training sessions to help riders push their limits.

California Superbike School



If you have been yearning to get the best motorcycle riding school, California Superbike School by Keith Code should be your ultimate choice. Their experts are dedicated and committed to improving your riding skills by giving top-quality and reliable instructions.

California Superbike School is a one-of-a-kind riding school founded in 1980 by Keith Code, a former American motorcycle racer and the most successful instructor of on-track motorcycling in the world.

Star School


Star School is uniquely efficient and arguably the most effective road racing school in America. Its riding approach is an inspiration from Jason Pridmore, a long-time A.M.A. Pro Racer ever since 1989. Apart from Jason, the school boasts world-class instructors who have a dedication to cater to riders’ varying abilities and help them meet their goals.

Class Motorcycle Schools


Next on the list is the Class Motorcycle School. It stands out as America’s best street riding school. It was founded by Reg Pridmore, a three times winner of the A.M.A. Superbike Champions in 1986.

Through his school, Pridmore has continued his endless passion and wish to help upcoming motorcycle riders by teaching them control, skill, confidence, and survival tactics for riding in the streets.

Corner Speed Riderschool

Founded by Aaron Stevenson, this motorcycle race training school focuses on cornering speed and smooth riding. W.E.R.A. and C.C.S. accredit the school; therefore, graduates can get provisional racing licenses.

Kevin Schwantz School


Owned by Kevin Schwantz, one of the greatest motorcycling legends worldwide, this riding school is surely an excellent place to improve your riding skills. The school’s instructors and Kevin Schwantz train riders to be champions and ride even better.

Learning Curves Riding/Racing School

Are you looking to start road racing motorcycles or learn to become a better track or street racer? If yes, Learning Curves Roadracing School is worth a try. The school is made to teach the skills one requires to become a licensed motorcycle road racer, hone their riding skills, making them safer and better riders.

Mike Sullivan Road Racing & Performance Riding School

Mike Sullivan is well-known as the N.W. racing legend. In his racing life, he has raced in every competition or event and everywhere. Mike heads his road racing school together with his wife and daughter as staff. Besides, they have qualified and experienced instructors who do their work well to ensure riders get the needed skills.

Penguin Racing School


The Penguin motorcycle Roadracing School invites riders to ride with the best coaches in the business. Whether you are a speed rider or racer, this fantastic school can be your best shot to boost your cycling skills.

Rich Oliver Mystery School


Rich Oliver, the seven times National Champion, offers a training course for riders at all levels at his school. It means that whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or even a professional, you can practice and generally improve your skills.

Ride Smart Motorcycle School


It is a Texas Track day motorcycle rider’s school developed to give instructional help to a vast range of riding skill levels. Other than that, the instructors use the most comprehensive group of tools to increase your riding efficiency, safety, and proficiency.




This is a California-based coaching school for street racers or riders. It teaches skills for riding on the road, track drills for racers, or riders who enjoy riding during the track days.

T.E.A.M. Arizona Motorcyclist Training Centers

A committed and premier motorcycle training facility based in Arizona. Their motorcycle safety course allows riders to get a motorcycle license and improve their riding skills. Having been in the business since 1989, the school has gained an incredible reputation and praise from its riders for the great job done.

Optimum Performance Rider Training School


This is yet another most excellent riding school you can find in the U.S. It exists as a non-profit organization committed to enhancing motorcycling skills, safety, and awareness among riders.

SoCal Supermoto


With just a fee of about $199, SoCal Supermoto is the most affordable school in the U.S. The experts here help motorists work harder and push their riding limits and achieve their goals.

BMW Motorcycle Training School


Ever since 1999, the BMW Motorcycle Training School has continued to be a success for many riders. As a result, it has been shown and proven to motorcyclists that they can take their riding skills to a higher level. Their vast range of classes aims at equipping riders with the technical and practical skills to make their rides incredibly safe and even exciting.

Advantage Motorcycle School

This is among the best private motorcycle riding schools in the U.S. It bears the certifications for teaching the M.S.F. Basic RiderCourse to new riders and the Experienced RiderCourse for pro riders. It offers private lessons to riders enabling them to take their riding skills to the next level.

Keigwins Motorcycle Schools


Kegwins Riding School has one of the highest instructor-student ratios in the business. They guarantee students get the best one-on-one training experience in all of their sessions. It has numerous schools across America, with each programmed to handle a particular group of students.

Track Day Events in the U.S.

N2 Track Days


N2 Track Days are the largest track day company in the world. They are set to help every rider enjoy riding on numerous world-class, closed-course racetracks with the expertly trained coaches leading and showing the way. The event is all about helping riders improve their skills and learn to ride their motorcycle to the fullest.

Keigwins Motorcycle Track Days

The track events facilitated by Keigwins provide the rider with a wide range of tracks to impress and embrace their interests. Besides, their racetracks feature a better learning environment that motivates you to ride safely and become a great rider.

With over 17 years of running more than 100 events for thousands of riders, the Keigwins track events are prevalent in California.

N.Y.S.T. Events

New York Safety Track is known to offer a safe and fascinating environment for riders. Whether it is motorcycle track days, car track events, airplane landing 


spots, or dirt-bike sections for kids, there’s so much to enjoy.

New York Safety Track events will give you a feel-like home experience with multiple options that can help you have fun and excitement.

Apex Track Days

Offered at Reno Fernley Raceway, this is an event you must not miss as a dedicated rider. It is entertaining, and you can get other essential services. The organizers for this event are planning to host it at the Spring Mountain Raceway in the future.

Lone Star Track Days


Whether you are a beginner or an expert in motorcycle riding, this event can be a big deal. It is covered at various Texas tracks, and you can expect to benefit maximally from the days this event runs.


The 2Fast Motorcycle Track Days event aims at teaching riders to become faster and ride safely in a friendly environment. Thanks to rich instruction covering varied tracks in the Northwest of the U.S.

Advanced Rider Training


Here, you can learn more cutting-edge riding skills. This Motorcycle race training is available for everyone, including the newbie track day riders. The riders intending to improve their skills are guided through certain tracks of the East Coast.

Motoryard Track Days

This Roadracing Trackdays event occurs at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, California. It involves one-on-one training for both novice and experienced riders.

The Champion Sportbike Club

As a training school, it offers a unique blend of track time and advanced training courses. The courses are from the 13 times of National Riding Champion, Mike Himmelsbach.


With this unique event, you will find a schedule for all the Roadracing Trackdays across the U.S.

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N2 Track Day

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About the Author:

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