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PurchasingAGVSPORT Apparel

Where can I purchase AGVSPORT apparel?

You can purchase apparel through our various regional suppliers. More information about our suppliers can be found on our home page and under our contact information.

Can I purchase the same apparel that professional riders are wearing?

Yes you can! We supply apparel to numerous professional riders and you can purchase the same top notch apparel that they are wearing.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Consumers who buy direct from AGV Sports Group are able to return or exchange current model items that are in new, resalable condition (the tags should be on them and they have to be a current item) at any time during the model's currency. This simply means the product must be current and in new condition.

I really love the AGVSPORT decals that were included with my product, where can I get some more?

We make sure that we provide decals with our apparel. If you would like to have some more you can purchase them through an AGVSPORT distributor.

About the Apparel

Is there a difference between apparel for the North American market and apparel for European and Asian markets?

Yes, there are different models, colors and alternate sizing charts to be used for your specific market.

What is the difference between the removable protective armor that comes with the apparel and other protective armor brands such as d3O, Knox, and Forcefield?

The protective armor is included in our apparel meets basic level CE safety standards. Brands like d3O, Knox, and Forcefield provide enhanced protection that exceed CE safety standards, based on the model. Each brand has their benefits and downfalls. Riders who want a more personalization can insert their desired brand of protective armor into their apparel.

Where are the measurements for standard apparel items provided?

Follow this link for gloves, jacket, pant, and suit Sizing Charts

How to select the right size

Each product has a different sizing chart located when you select the product. You can use the measurements on it to decide the correct size you may need. If you have any questions please contact us at 301-663-4550

What other color options and alteration options do I have?

Color options for individual products may be viewed through our online catalog and store. Alterations on customs will be discussed with an associate when ordering.

How long should my apparel last?

For more in depth warranty information, please follow this link. AGVSPORT apparel including all gloves, textile jackets and pants, and Kevlar jeans hold a 1-year warranty. All leather jackets, leather suits, and leather pants, have a 2-year warranty. Pro-gear products come with a 5-year warranty. To have the ability to use your warranty a warranty card must be returned within 30-days of purchase.

Why should I choose Kangaroo leather, Cowhide leather, or Textile materials? How do they differ?

This decision depends greatly on your style and frequency of riding. Cowhide leather is a durable, thick, and strong protective material, yet it is more cumbersome and less flexible, this means it will last you the longest between the two leathers but will take more time to break in. Kangaroo leather on the other hand is lighter and more flexible than cowhide, however this thinner material means that any natural or instant wear and tear, say harsh weathers or a crash, would affect the health of the product quicker than a cowhide piece. Finally, textile products, naturally a weaker material but we develop our products to still provide high levels of protection with proper stitching and added protection to high impact areas. Textile materials are lighter and more flexible than the leathers and offer more options like vents and removable liners to aide in breathability and comfort.
Riders looking to shave every last possible ounce while still being protected should consider kangaroo leathers. Riders that may have occasional track days or ride at higher speeds on average but are looking for their product to last, cowhide leather is your best bet. Textiles are the best option for people that commute or tour as it will provide comfort and protection from minor accidents and may last for years with proper care.

Custom Suits

How do I order a custom suit?

To order a custom leather suit follow this link, your sizing information will be needed but if you are unfamiliar with the process you may work in association with one of our AGVSPORT sales representatives to assist in the process.

What measurements do you need to make a custom suit?

Virtually every part of your body will need to be measured to ensure the best fit possible. For the full list of what you will be measuring, please follow this link. Be sure to be wearing any personal racing apparel and equipment that goes underneath your suit while measuring your dimensions. Level 2 and 3 custom suits will require this in depth measurements, Level 1 suits follow standard U.S. sizing charts.

What options do I have in the way of materials and stitching for my suit?

For a summary of the standard features, including the stitching and materials used in the suit, please follow this link. Other options available in production of the suit depends on the level you wish to purchase. Level 1 offers your choice of the name, lettering and patchwork, colors from existing designs, and cowhide leather will be used in all Level 1 suits. Level 2 offers the same options in addition to custom tailoring and the option between cowhide and kangaroo leather. Level 3 allows for full custom designing and the option between cowhide and kangaroo leather.

How long will it take to get my custom suit?

The production time from order to delivery is about 12 weeks. Please be aware that a 50% deposit is required upfront.

Do you do custom embroidery?

Yes, however, depending on the difficulty and amount of custom work, pricing may vary.

Repair and Warranty

How can I repair my apparel after normal wear and tear?

At AGV Sport, we provide product repairs and/or refurbishment services. For example, if a suit has been damaged in a crash, we may be able to restore it to a near original look and/or repair damage. If your product is under warranty, we will carry out a full examination of the product. If it is found to be faulty due to original manufacturer, we will repair or replace the garment at our discretion. If your warranty is expired, we will still be glad to refurbish your garments for the appropriate cost including shipping and handling charges. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

How does AGV Sports Group handle warranty claims for damaged or defective products?

We provide various warranty terms for our product and we handle them on a case to case basis. Please go to our Warranty and Repairs page for more information.

What happens if my apparel has any damaged snaps and buttons after normal wear and tear?

We are able to provide new parts as requested. For more information refer to our Warranty and Repairs section. Please contact us with any questions.

Do you offer repairs at a cost?

AGVSPORT products may be repaired or refurbished at a cost to the customer, including shipping and handling, or for full credit granted your product is under warranty and is found to be faulty due to original manufacturing, at our departmental discretion. If your product is no longer under warranty or the defect is not a manufacturer defect then a repair may still be performed for a price.

Safety Questions

How do I know that my apparel is safe?

The European Union conducts tests and certifications for Personal Protective Equipment. When you see the CE safety marking on the tag of your apparel this means that it has been tested to meet the specified standard. We test and certify our apparel to meet various CE safety standards. Apparel will not protect you from any foreseeable accident however studies show that wearing apparel significantly decreases your risk of injury and/or death.

What are European Union CE standards?

The European Union sets the precedent for worldwide safety standards for all personal protective equipment. All products that meet CE certification pass stringent testing and precise measurements.

Will my apparel protect me even after I have crashed in it one or more times?

AGV Sports Group has long been developing high quality protective equipment, however, we cannot guarantee that your protective gear will still offer full protection after a crash, big or small. We advise our customers to call our offices for possible repairs to any damaged equipment, as soon as possible, to protect from any future injury that may result from loosened stitching or torn leathers.

What you should do before you ride

Always remember to put on and fasten your gear correctly. Everything should be zipped up, Velcro closures should be fastened, and snaps should be fastened. You gear should be put on and adjusted while the vehicle is not moving.
Periodically check the condition of your gear and its components that are subject to wear (screws, mechanisms, snaps, zippers, stitching leather, etc.), particularly the following:
- The surface of the leather, to make sure that there are no cracks;
- The stitching, to make sure that it is in good condition and is secure;
- The lining and snaps/zippers of your gear, to make sure that they are in good condition;
- The protective armor inserts and the armor pockets, make sure they are positioned and secured correctly;
- Exterior integrated protective molds should be inspected for wear and tear.
Be prepared for sudden changes in the weather conditions that may occur while you are driving and which may influence the performance of or damage your gear (i.e. rain, snow, extreme cold conditions, heat conditions.). We recommend that you use an AGVSPORT Rain Suit to protect your leathers. Ventilated or insulated apparel may be better suited for various weather conditions.

Apparel Care and Alterations

How do I clean my leather gloves and/or jacket?

If you don't have a leather cleaning kit, you can use a sponge or soft cloth with warm water and a neutral soap as a detergent. Leave it to completely dry well away from any major heat source. The lining should be washed separately using warm water (max 35�) and neutral soap.
Do not rub down the garment with a brush or abrasive materials or creams.
Dry the garment away from heat sources and in a well-ventilated place, it is best to use a clothes hanger to prevent the garment from creasing or taking on shapes that are difficult to eliminate.
Any oil or grease should be washed immediately with a soft damp cloth, clean with gentle circular movements, avoiding to unduly rubbing the soiled area.

Here are some leather cleaner brands that might suit you:
KIWI(R) Saddle Soap
Chemical Guys Leather Care

How do I clean synthetic and textile materials?

It is essential that you follow instructions on the garment label.

How do I care for and maintain my apparel for long-lasting use?

Your apparel must always be handled and treated carefully so that its safety features remain intact. Use a soft cloth with neutral soap and warm water to wipe the outside of your leathers. Rinse it by wiping it with a soft, wet cloth. You may also want to use a leather conditioner to prevent cracks and help retain the strength of the leather. Removable liners can be washed by hand or in the washing machine using warm water (max 35) and neutral soap. Always air dry the liner without exposing it to sources of heat. Make sure that the liner is completely dry before you insert it back in your jacket to prevent mold and unpleasant odors.
Do not use gasoline, benzene or other chemical products and solvents because they may jeopardize the function and look of some of the parts and weaken the protective features.
We strongly advise against painting your leathers for the same reason, because paint solvents may damage the leather. Never modify your leathers without the help of an alteration or custom suit specialist.
Always use original AGVSPORT replacement parts if you need to replace a part. Contact an AGVSPORT dealer if you are not sure how to perform an operation.

How do I wash my reinforced denim Jeans?

Wash in cold water, normal cycle. Dry on regular heat with other clothes, but take them out of the dryer while damp and hang to fully dry.

Do you perform alterations

Alterations resulting from faulty manufacturing may be performed, granted that your product is under warranty and is deemed a manufacturer defect. Other alterations may be best handled by a local establishment specializing in your issue, however, AGV Sports Group will strive to assist you in the repairs and provide possible advice on how to get the results you are looking for.

How can I alter a standard apparel item in order to improve its fit?

In this situation the customer may have to take their standard apparel to a local custom tailor to attain the fit they desire. Please consult our sizing charts so you may get the best fit on your apparel before you buy.

Racer Support

Do you have a racer support program?

Yes we do have a racer support program. To find more information about our program please go to our racer support page.
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