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Men T-Shirts

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  • - The 100% synthetic polyester mesh material is breathable and durable making it great for you to wear under your protective jackets and suits.
  • - A flatlock stitching technique is used to create a layer-less underside at the seams. This ensures that there is no friction between the seams and your skin.
  • - Polyester mesh is a hydrophobic material that wicks sweat away to the outer surface of the shirt where it is dispersed over a large surface area allowing it to evaporate quickly.
  • - Polyester mesh has great ventilation, providing maximum temperature control in varying weather conditions.
  • - Polyester is highly tenacious and lightweight.
  • - Provides endless performance under extreme wearing conditions while maintaining its level of comfort.
  • - The remarkably flexible fabric is wrinkle resistant and maintains its form over many wears.
  • - The graphic is transposed using sublimation printing. This process uses heat and pressure to chemically bond the dyes with the polyester fibers.
  • - Sublimation creates a streamline texture and weight to enhance comfort and performance.
  • - Sublimation printing ensures that the colors of the product will stay bright and defined after many washes. Unlike other printed shirts the graphic will not crack or peel.
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