Top Benefits of Motorcycle Heated Gloves Vs Motorcycle Heated Grips – What Are Better?

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Motorcycle Heated Gloves Vs Motorcycle Heated Grips has been one of the most debated questions in the motorcycling world. Which is the best option to go for?

There always comes that time when the days get shorter, and the temperature hovers negative zero degrees. The cold season usually has severe negative effects on many riders out there.

The dropping temperatures affect how one rides or even whether they ride at all. When one’s fingers freeze into icicles and the hands get numb, riding turns out to be a life-threatening activity even before the dreaded ice and frost make the roads slick.

Motorcycle Heated Gloves Vs Motorcycle Heated Grips: Which Is the Better Choice?

Motorcycle Heated Gloves Vs Motorcycle Heated Grips

Many riders interpret these signs of dropping temperatures as a time to hang up their riding gear and winterize their motorcycles for storage until the next riding season comes knocking.

This doesn’t have to be you, and you don’t have to despair when that mercury starts dropping. We do know keeping the hands snug and warm while riding the bike feels comfortable, enjoyable, and moreover, it’s safe as it makes you attentively focus on the road and act hastily when the need arises.

Today we have decided to focus on two essential heated gears used by riders that are motorcycle heated gloves and motorcycle heated grips Gerbing KLIM Tour Master FXR.

Though the motorcycle kit technology is swiftly growing apace, we shall provide detailed information regarding the two heated gears that will help you decipher which among the two is the best for what purpose and their differences. So how can a motorcyclist decide on Motorcycle Heated Gloves vs Motorcycle Heated Grips?

Benefits Of Motorcycle Heated Motorcycle Gloves

1. More Warmth: One of the reasons why every motorcycle rider should have a heated motorcycle glove is because they make their riding in chilly and cooler temperatures very comfortable. They increase the warmth in your hands.

2. Better Blood flow and circulation: When your hands get numb, then your life is at risk. However, heated gloves which increase the warmth of your hands, allowing blood circulation, help you to keep control of a motorcycle.

3. There is Waterproof: All heated gloves have one common safety feature, which is waterproof. Your hands will always be dry, and it helps in keeping them warmer.

Key Features to Look for in Heated Motorcycle Gloves:

  • SIZE: The size matters a lot when making the decision on which gloves to go for. The gloves shouldn’t be too slippery or constricting as they may cause a safety issue. Always follow the manufacturers size chart when choosing a glove.
  • Protection: It would be best if you always considered the safety of your hands when purchasing motorcycle heated gloves. The best of these should have extra padding and integrated armor. The palms should be surrounded by abrasion-resistant material for additional protection.
  • Battery Life: Battery life is one of the key features which a buyer should consider when buying these gloves. The best battery-powered gloves should have the longest battery life between charges and with a short recharge time.

Pros of Heated Motorcycle Gloves:

1. Heated gloves tend to weigh lighter compared to insulated gloves

2. Even in the coldest of weathers, they will keep you warm

3. They keep one’s hands at the recommended temperature

4. Installation for heated motorcycle gloves is easy

Cons of Heated Motorcycle Gloves:

1. The price of a heated motorcycle glove is higher than an average winter weather glove.

2. It’s not very comfortable since it comes with wires connected to the jacked and the battery in some instances. The presence of the battery may as well feel distracting compared to the traditional cold-weather glove.

3. There have been cases where these heated motorcycle gloves have given riders severe first-degree burns.

4. The durability of the battery is another challenge with these motorcycle heated gloves.

Motorcycle Heated Grips

When that thermometer starts dropping down to negative degrees motorcycle heated grips come in handy. Those all-season bikers having a heated grip that is low-cost becomes a must-have accessory.

For a biker to use a heated grip, there’s a motorcycle that must have a 12v electrical system and a battery with at least 6Ah. Motorcycles with 6V electrical systems and magneto ignitions which do not have a battery can’t be fit for a heated grip installation.


Benefits of Motorcycle Heated Grips:

1.Heated grips warm the hands and the fingers during the harsher winter months.

2. Allows one to operate small buttons and touchscreen seamlessly

3. Heated grips usually restore one’s dexterity, and there is that solid feel of the bike; hence one has more control of the bike.

Pros Motorcycle Heated Grips:

– Easy to install

– They get fixed on the bike, not your body

– Has temperature control feature with multiple settings

– Grips are much easier to use

– Cons motorcycle heated grips

– You have to adjust the controls which cause a distraction while on the road

– If faulty it can drain the battery

– It’s prone to system failure

– You need a mechanic to install

– Many of these heated motorcycle grips require a 12V battery.


With all the information now, you can make an informed decision regarding motorcycle heated gloves vs motorcycle heated grips. Gerbing KLIM Tour Master FXR, whichever is your preferred choice. They have different uses and specifications.

Information for this article was partially sourced and researched from the following authoritative Government, educational and nonprofit organizations:

About the author:

Michael Parrotte was the Vice President of AGV Helmets America, and a consultant for KBC Helmets, Vemar Helmets, Suomy Helmets, Marushin Helmets, KYT Helmets, and Sparx Helmets. In addition, he is the founder and owner of AGV Sports Group.

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