If it's in the budget, having jackets for each season can be handy. Those price-tags add up quick though, so for most of us its more practical to get our hands on a versatile, multi-season piece of gear. AGV Sport has an affordable (MSRP $199) option in this niche category with its new Laguna Vented Jacket.

I was elated when I received the Laguna jacket earlier this past summer, because we were in the middle of a low triple-digit heat wave and my go-to perforated leather wasn't cutting it anymore. I needed lightweight, mesh textile to give my trunk some chance at catching a breeze while rolling down the road.

The Laguna delivered with large mesh panels on the front and down the back of the jacket, in addition to arm-length mesh on the bottom of the sleeves. It's not a full mesh option, with 600 denier nylon utilized in the exterior chassis at the chest, shoulders and upper portion of the sleeves. So when it was 107 Fahrenheit I was still sweating, but honestly I'd be sweating in a tank top, shorts and flip flops.

A pair of air vents on the top of each shoulder pushes more air into the jacket and when temps finally dropped into the 80s the Laguna was in its sweet spot. This is, of course, with the full-length quilted liner and Reissa water proofing membrane removed. Now that I'm facing crisp, 50-degree morning commutes to work, the liner system is back in, and doing a fine job keeping me from shivering.

The skies have only just started to threaten rain around these parts, so I can't say how effective the Reissa liner is. What I can say is it's thin and breathable, the seams and fabric are coated and sealed. I could see the liner keeping you dry in short downpours, light rains and conditions of that nature. If you're running through a Montana thunderstorm though, it's probably worthwhile to rely on something a bit more robust in the waterproofing department.

Protection comes in the form of CE rated shoulder and elbow pads, along with some rigid exterior shoulder cups that give the jacket a bit of a sporty look. The Laguna jacket also comes with a foam back pad in a sleeve designed to accommodate a Forcefield branded armor upgrade if desired.

Fit is great, not too tight but not baggy and true to size. I'm a large and AGV sport recommends this size for chest's measuring between 46-47 inches and comes with a 25.5-inch sleeve. Velcro waist and wrist cuff adjustors along with a pair of snap adjustors, on each sleeve, allow you to further dial-in fit. Accordion stretch panels are included on the elbows and back also.

Apart from a few logos and tasteful white striping across the sleeves, chest and down the back, the Laguna Vented Jacket is pretty low key aesthetically. A few touches like the rubber shoulder vents and exterior shoulder protectors add some flair but aren't overly gaudy. There's some subtle reflective piping throughout and rubber accents on the elbows. I'm a simple man with simple tastes and the Laguna suits me well.

For $199, the AGV Sport Laguna Vented Jacket is a greate selection. It's sport-biased aesthetic is appealing, but it's looks aren't overdone and we'd highly recommenced it as a solid three, if not four, season jacket.