How can I repair my apparel after normal wear and tear?
At AGV Sport, we provide product repairs and/or refurbishment services. For example, if a suit has been damaged in a crash, we may be able to restore it to a near original look and/or repair damage. If your product is under warranty, we will carry out a full examination of the product. If it is found to be faulty due to original manufacturer, we will repair or replace the garment at our discretion. If your warranty is expired, we will still be glad to refurbish your garments for the appropriate cost including shipping and handling charges. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.
How does AGV Sports Group handle warranty claims for damaged or defective products?
We provide various warranty terms for our product and we handle them on a case to case basis. Please go to our Warranty and Repairs page for more information.
What happens if my apparel has any damaged snaps and buttons after normal wear and tear?
We are able to provide new parts as requested.
For more information refer to our Warranty and Repairs section.
Please contact us with any questions.
Do you offer repairs at a cost?
AGVSPORT products may be repaired or refurbished at a cost to the customer, including shipping and handling, or for full credit granted your product is under warranty and is found to be faulty due to original manufacturing, at our departmental discretion. If your product is no longer under warranty or the defect is not a manufacturer defect then a repair may still be performed for a price.