How do I order a custom suit?
To order a custom leather suit follow this link, your sizing information will be needed but if you are unfamiliar with the process you may work in association with one of our AGVSPORT sales representatives to assist in the process.
What measurements do you need to make a custom suit?
Virtually every part of your body will need to be measured to ensure the best fit possible. For the full list of what you will be measuring, please follow this link. Be sure to be wearing any personal racing apparel and equipment that goes underneath your suit while measuring your dimensions. Level 2 and 3 custom suits will require this in depth measurements, Level 1 suits follow standard U.S. sizing charts.
What options do I have in the way of materials and stitching for my suit?
For a summary of the standard features, including the stitching and materials used in the suit, please follow this link. Other options available in production of the suit depends on the level you wish to purchase. Level 1 offers your choice of the name, lettering and patchwork, colors from existing designs, and cowhide leather will be used in all Level 1 suits. Level 2 offers the same options in addition to custom tailoring and the option between cowhide and kangaroo leather. Level 3 allows for full custom designing and the option between cowhide and kangaroo leather.
How long will it take to get my custom suit?
The production time from order to delivery is about 12 weeks. Please be aware that a 50% deposit is required upfront.
Do you do custom embroidery?
Yes, however, depending on the difficulty and amount of custom work, pricing may vary.