5 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets for Music

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Everyone wants the best experience when out on a journey, whether using an airplane, car, or motorcycle. And Motorcycle Bluetooth headsets come in handy for motorcycle enthusiasts. These small gadgets don’t compromise your safety since you wear them comfortably underneath your helmet.

They enable you to make and receive calls, receive navigation instructions, and listen to music while on the go. Even so, it can be overwhelming to look for a new type of gadget for the first time, and this very much extends to the motorcycle Bluetooth headsets realm.

Which to buy? What type to consider? Which has the best intercom range? For this reason, we went on the hunt and found more than a few of the best motorcycle headsets for the music we wish we could share with you.

5 Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets for Music You Need to Hear

  1. Cardo PACKTALK Bold – Best All-Round


The classy, simple, and waterproof Cardo PACKTALK Bold delivers the double act of being an easy-to-use Bluetooth headset with bags of outstanding features.

It even enables you to connect with up to 15 riders in your group through the voice command “Hey Cardo.” You get to enjoy exceptional, long-range quality reception at up to 1,600 meters thanks to the Patented Dynamic Mesh Communication technology.

For music enthusiasts, the 40mm-wide, high-definition JBL speakers and a specially tuned audio processor guarantee you 15 hours of imaginable sound experience. GPS navigation, intercom, and phone calls, too, never sounded so good.

You can even synchronize your headset with all your audio sources with the iOS and Android Cardo Connect App. It’ll cost you a fortune but is undoubtedly a quality long-term investment if you want a jack-of-all-trades Bluetooth headset.


  • 7 days of standby time
  • HD JBL speakers
  • 1,600m intercom range
  • Supports Siri and Google Assistant
  • Best in wind and noise reduction
  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Brand: Cardo
  • Model: Packtalk Bold Duo
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Placement Position: Over-Ear
  • Mirror Adjustment: Call Control
  • Mode of Connectivity: Wireless
 Pros: Cons:
  • Excellent sound aided by noise control technology
  • Easy to access with intuitive buttons
  • Integrated voice prompts in five main languages
  • High compatibility with most intercom brands
  • Pricey
  1. Sena SMH10D-11 – Best Audio Quality


The number of nods the Sena SMH10D-11 has received online on various e-commerce and drop-shipping platforms speaks volumes about its amazing functionalities.

But noise-canceling is where it really comes into its own. The Advanced Noise Control technology cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio.

And the Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity – which allows for a faster transfer rate at 20 megabits per second as well as enhanced power control – makes it even better by allowing you to listen to your favorite music, make and receive calls, receive navigation instructions, and communicate with your pillion or up to 4 riders within a range of up to 900 meters.

Go for the Sena 30K if you’re looking for a Sena product with a longer intercom range (8,000 meters). What’s more, the Sena SMH10D-11 headset has easy-to-access intuitive buttons, making it a safer-to-use device for every rider.

Add to this, 10 days of standby time and 12 hours of talk time on a single charge and you have an expectational gadget, with most of the demand of, say, the Sena SMH10D-10, another premium, highly rated motorcycle Bluetooth headset from Sena.


  • Audio boost
  • 0 Bluetooth connectivity
  • 12 hours talk time battery
  • 10 days of standby battery
  • Universal microphone kit
  • Advanced noise control
  • Integrated voice prompts
  • Intercom range of 900 meters


  • Brand: Sena
  • Model: SMH10D-11
  • Weight: 2 Pounds
  • Placement Position: Over-Ear
  • Mirror Adjustment: Volume Control
  • Mode of Connectivity: Wireless
  • Operating Temperatures: 10-55˚C
 Pros: Cons:
  • Excellent sound aided by noise control technology
  • Easy to access with intuitive buttons
  • Integrated voice prompts in five main languages
  • High compatibility with most intercom brands
  • Comparatively shorter range
  1. LEXIN B4FM – Best Value for Money


The LEXIN LX-B4FM is an outstanding 5.0 Bluetooth HiFi Stereo Headset that comes with fascinating capabilities and features that allow it to function well for speeds up to 75mph and in all weather conditions.

You’ll also have access to two interchangeable microphones – it allows you the choice between a button microphone for full-face helmets or a boom microphone for open-face or flip-face helmets.

As an enthusiast motorcyclist, you can make and receive calls via your Bluetooth-enabled phone, listen to FM radio stations, enjoy your favorite Hi-Fi stereo songs, and receive GPS navigation instructions, all wirelessly. You’ll also have access to Siri and S Voice commands.

More interestingly, the LEXIN LX-B4FM enables you to have intercom conferences with up to 10 riders with a range of up to 2,000 meters. It’s highly compatible with most Bluetooth audio-stereo devices, including smartphones and MP3 players.


  • 10 riders group talk
  • 7 days of standby time
  • 15 hours of music or intercom talk
  • 0 Bluetooth connectivity
  • IP67 waterproof technology
  • DSP & CVC advanced noise cancellation technology
  • FM radio (6 stations presets)
  • Music sharing
  • Long-range intercom conference radius of 2,000 meters


  • Brand: LEXIN
  • Model: LX-B4FM
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Placement Position: Over-Ear
  • Mirror Adjustment: Noise Control
  • Mode of Connectivity: Wireless
 Pros: Cons:
  • Functions exemplary up to 75mph
  • An excellent voice on calls aided by the noise cancellation
  • An expansive range for intercom conferencing
  • Requires regular software updates
  1. FreedConn TCOM-SC – Best Budget Pick


For a price under $100, the FreedConn TCOM-SC provides extraordinary benefits for the budget user. But does affordability equate to functionality?

Well, the FreedConn TCOM-SC boasts of an intercom system operating under Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Up to three motorcyclists can communicate within a range of 1,000 meters, but effective communication through a phone call is limited to 500 meters.

You can simultaneously answer phone calls and listen to music via your phone or FM radio but can’t listen to music and be in a Bluetooth intercom group simultaneously. Only 2 people can talk on the intercom at the same time.

The sound quality of Hi-Fi speakers and the interchangeable hard & soft microphones featured on the TCOM-SC is crystal clear even with high speeds of up to 75mph. Note that it’s designed for the right-hand side of your helmet, and you can mount it on gear either using the sticky plate mount or the plastic clips.


  • 3 riders group talk
  • Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity
  • IP66 waterproof technology
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Large, single-touch access button
  • Interchangeable soft-wired and hand-arm microphone
  • LCD interface


  • Brand: FreedConn
  • Model: TCOM-SC
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Battery Life: 10 hours
  • Standby Time: Up to 300 hours
  • Mode of Connectivity: Wireless
 Pros: Cons:
  • Great intercom for a pair of riders
  • Highly durable
  • Doesn’t feature dedicated voice support
  1. Cardo FREECOM 1 Plus – Best Pick for the Solo Rider


The Cardo FRC1P101 – FREECOM 1 Plus stands out as the most advanced Bluetooth communication system meant for solo riders, or at most, a rider, and their pillion, with an effective range of only 10 meters.

But the quality of sound when listening to music, proceeding calls, and receiving GPS directions is the biggest advantage of the Cardo FREECOM 1 Plus, an aspect that most Bluetooth headsets don’t handle well.

All these features are achieved with the use of a single button or voice control. You can also use Siri or Google Assistant, which is a nice addition. The FREECOM 1 Plus charges from the battery pack or the 12V charger as you ride, making it impressively convenient. The battery is quite strong, offering 15 hours of music time on a single charge.


  • Powered by two Bluetooth 4.1 channels
  • IP67 waterproof technology
  • Dustproof
  • Self-adjusting volume depending on ambient noise
  • Compatible with all helmet models


  • Brand: Cardo
  • Model: FREECOM 1 Plus
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Battery Life: 13 hours
  • Standby time: Up to 300 hours
  • Placement Position: Over-Ear
  • Mode of Connectivity: Wireless
  • Communication Technology: Bluetooth
 Pros: Cons:
  • Exceptionally high-quality sound/voice
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth headsets of substantial brands
  • Limited to a short distance of about 10 meters

Wrapping Up:

You now have a glimpse of the features and specifications of five of the best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets. You have information about their pros and cons. Overall, you have all you need to decide which Bluetooth headset suits you or your group of riders. Make an informed decision and ride safely!


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About the author:

Michael Parrotte started his career in the motorcycle industry by importing AGV Helmets into the North American market. He was then appointed the Vice President of AGV Helmets America, total he worked with AGV Helmets for 25 years. In addition, he functioned as a consultant for KBC Helmets, Vemar Helmets, Suomy Helmets, Marushin Helmets, KYT Helmets, and Sparx Helmets.

In 1985 he is the founded AGV Sports Group in cooperation with AGV Helmets

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