Is there a difference between apparel for the North American market and apparel for European and Asian markets?
Yes, there are different models, colors and alternate sizing charts to be used for your specific market.
What is the difference between the removable protective armor that comes with the apparel and other protective armor brands such as d3O, Knox, and Forcefield?
The protective armor is included in our apparel meets basic level CE safety standards. Brands like d3O, Knox, and Forcefield provide enhanced protection that exceed CE safety standards, based on the model. Each brand has their benefits and downfalls. Riders who want a more personalization can insert their desired brand of protective armor into their apparel.
Where are the measurements for standard apparel items provided?
Follow this link for gloves, jacket, pant, and suit Sizing Charts
How to select the right size
Each product has a different sizing chart located when you select the product. You can use the measurements on it to decide the correct size you may need. If you have any questions please contact us at 301-663-4550
What other color options and alteration options do I have?
Color options for individual products may be viewed through our online catalog and store. Alterations on customs will be discussed with an associate when ordering.
How long should my apparel last?
For more in depth warranty information, please follow this link. AGVSPORT apparel including all gloves, textile jackets and pants, and Kevlar jeans hold a 1-year warranty. All leather jackets, leather suits, and leather pants, have a 2-year warranty. Pro-gear products come with a 5-year warranty. To have the ability to use your warranty a warranty card must be returned within 30-days of purchase.
Why should I choose Kangaroo leather, Cowhide leather, or Textile materials? How do they differ?
This decision depends greatly on your style and frequency of riding. Cowhide leather is a durable, thick, and strong protective material, yet it is more cumbersome and less flexible, this means it will last you the longest between the two leathers but will take more time to break in. Kangaroo leather on the other hand is lighter and more flexible than cowhide, however this thinner material means that any natural or instant wear and tear, say harsh weathers or a crash, would affect the health of the product quicker than a cowhide piece. Finally, textile products, naturally a weaker material but we develop our products to still provide high levels of protection with proper stitching and added protection to high impact areas. Textile materials are lighter and more flexible than the leathers and offer more options like vents and removable liners to aide in breathability and comfort.
Riders looking to shave every last possible ounce while still being protected should consider kangaroo leathers. Riders that may have occasional track days or ride at higher speeds on average but are looking for their product to last, cowhide leather is your best bet. Textiles are the best option for people that commute or tour as it will provide comfort and protection from minor accidents and may last for years with proper care.