Where can I purchase AGVSPORT apparel?
You can purchase apparel through our various regional suppliers. More information about our suppliers can be found on our home page and under our contact information.
Can I purchase the same apparel that professional riders are wearing?
Yes you can! We supply apparel to numerous professional riders and you can purchase the same top notch apparel that they are wearing.
What is your return/exchange policy?
Consumers who buy direct from AGV Sports Group are able to return or exchange current model items that are in new, resalable condition (the tags should be on them and they have to be a current item) at any time during the model's currency. This simply means the product must be current and in new condition.
I really love the AGVSPORT decals that were included with my product, where can I get some more?
We make sure that we provide decals with our apparel. If you would like to have some more you can purchase them through an AGVSPORT distributor.