Men's / Women's Sizing Chart

All measurements should be in metric, if not, extra charges WILL apply.
Please wear all racing equipment, including back protector, when taking measurements.


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 1. Neck circumference:

 2. Shoulder width:

 3. Neck to waist (front):

 4. -Male,
Chest circumference:

 4a. -Female,
Bust circumference:

 4b. -Female,
Under bust circumference:

 5. Waist circumference:

 6. Hip circumference:

 7. Thigh circumference:

 8. Knee circumference (bent):

 9. Calf circumference:

 10. Ankle circumference:

 11. Sleeve joint circumference:

 12a. Shoulder to wrist (straight):

 12b. Shoulder to wrist (bent 90°):

 13. Biceps (flexed) circumference:

 14. Elbow to wrist:

 15. Forearms (flexed) circumference:

 16. Wrists circumference:

 17. Neck to waist (back):

 18. Neck to ankle:

 19. Waist to ankle:

 20. Crotch to ankle:

 21. Knee to ankle:

 22. Total height:

 23. Crotch to knee:

 24. Naval to knee:

 25. Weight:



 Snug fit
 Average fit
 Loose fit

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