The cost of a custom suit varies depending upon whether or not you choose one of our models or if you decide to make your own custom design.

The base price of a custom suit in one of our models, either Style 1 or Style 2, is E1500 in cowhide and E1800 in Kangaroo. Included in this cost are the general features shown on the FEATURES page. You can also choose any color combination you would like for this suit based on the available colors shown on each level's page. The base price also includes lettering for your name on the front and back. Additional lettering or logos done in leather will cost extra - pricing depends upon the difficulty and amount. Please call or email for details on these extras.

The pricing on a custom suit if you use your own custom design varies upon the difficulty of the design. For a price quote on a custom design please send the design by email to Once we receive the design and look it over we will email you back with the quote.

Note: In addition to the cost of the suit, there are shipping charges. There is also a duty fee (tax). This is typically around 9%.